St. Louis: There's More Than Meets the Arch

St. Louis is a city and port in the state of Missouri. St. Louis is commonly identified with the 630-foot tall Gateway Arch in Downtown St. Louis. The Gateway Arch marks downtown St. Louis and a historic center that includes the Federal courthouse, a newly renovated and expanded public library, major churches, businesses, and retail. Aside from its Downton area, St. Louis is divided into 79 government-designated neighborhoods. The city is defined by music and performing arts, especially its association with blues, jazz, and ragtime. The city is home to three major league sports teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the most successful franchise in the MLB, the St. Louis Rams of the NFL, and the St. Louis Blues of the NHL. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to momentarily escape city life, St. Louis is home to 100 parks with amenities that include sports facilities, playgrounds, concert areas, and lakes. With its one-of-a-kind cuisine, outstanding architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, St. Louis is the perfect city to call home.